(just some guy)



My name is Andrew Salkeld and I’m a Chartered Accountant who trained and qualified at PwC before moving into industry. I specialise in corporate finance and business intelligence; deals and data for short. I am an Investor and Finance Director at dscvr based in Leeds and have held numerous directorships across various companies. I specialise in helping small businesses and start-ups prepare, and understand the process of, raising  external funding. I hold a Masters in Financial Mathematics from Leeds University Business School and a Bachelors in Mathematics with Physics from the University of York.


I’m Andy, I suffer from depression and almost took my own life in 2017. I am medicated. I see and speak to my therapist regularly. During my darkest times I felt I couldn’t talk about my mental health with anyone; professionally or personally. I started doing public speaking and talking openly about my mental health and my fight to remain. I shared my vulnerability and weakness with the world and in doing so never felt stronger and more comfortable in myself. I stream games on Twitch in my spare time and in doing so support mental health charities across the UK. I love cooking and baking. I’ve started getting into making art and designs. I’m teaching myself Japanese. I have a young kitten named Pika.


Which of those is more honest? Why do we always say the former and not the latter? Why do we not speak openly about who we really are and what we really like?