(just another guy)

I live a life of two halves. At least I did until I almost ended them both.

My name is Andrew Salkeld. I’m a Chartered Accountant and member of the Institute of the Chartered Accountants of England and Wales. I trained at PwC, specialising in Corporate Finance. After numerous industry positions, I am now an Investor and Finance Director at dscvr, a Leeds based tech business with ambitions of helping the high-street fight back against online. We do this by allowing businesses to build communities around their locations. If you haven’t heard of us, you probably will soon!

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it. Little bit arrogant but not too much to scare you away.

On paper, I seem to have it all.

But wait, I said two halves.

My name is Andy. I live with depression and have been suicidal at numerous points in my life. I am medicated and I am doing what I can to survive each day. I am a geek. I love board games, chiptune music and live with my cat Pika in Leeds. I spend my time running this website, writing books and giving talks on how even though life can be a four-letter word at times, it doesn’t mean I am. I try to be a good person but often fail at it.

Oh; I’m still an Investor, Finance Director and all that stuff from the first introduction.

Which of these introductions is more honest? Which is more real? Why do we always talk about the first but never the latter?

I’ll let you decide.



just another guy


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