This is where everything began. This was a hobby turned passion turned mission turned cause. I started streaming on Twitch for fun during one of the lowest times in my life and enjoyed it so much that it became a focus for me. I used Twitch to raise money for charity and fundamentally it is what was behind the original Breaking the Stigma article. Whilst I don't stream as much nowadays; gaming is a large part of my life and where I have come from. Many would remove this, but to me it is important that people know where it all started and why I continue to do what I do in all parts of my life.

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    Classic Serenity

    Dead Weight formed from a group of players who left a guild called Simplicity Reborn. It started as real life friends along with some others but then drew into something much more.

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    No Dead Weight in Dead Weight

    Dead Weight continued to grow over the raid tiers and so did our position in the server community. People enjoyed watching the streams on Twitch and there was a lot of inter-guild competition.

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    End it All

    Alas, Dead Weight couldn't make it beyond Aggrammar with many officers, including myself, struggling with the workload and expectation. We went our separate ways and became Titan Slayers individually.

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    Twitch Streamers and Networking are a community that supports streamers looking to grow. They helped me so much whilst I was struggling to rebuild my life.

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    No longer part of guilds and organised raiding, I found myself branching out and playing new games. Streaming returned to being a hobby.

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    For the Fun Again

    I still stream on Twitch. I just do it for games I enjoy and when I want to commentate what I'm doing. It's fun. People come and watch. It's much more relaxing now!