My First Book…

My First Book...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I guess I've already written one book across my skin now!

I've had a few people ask me about what my tattoos mean since I've had them done, so I decided to pull this little article together to explain them all.

I thought I'd share with you some of the thoughts that went into designing them and also some of the meaning behind various little bits of them that you may not notice on first glance. I did all the major design work. They were all inked by my close and trusted friend Bob Hodge. He is absolutely incredible and I would recommend him and his work to anyone I know. You can find him at Snake & Tiger.

These tattoos were designed for me as they represent things very close and important to me. I have done designs for other people based on their requests and ideas and if you'd like to speak to me about doing the same for you, please don't hesitate to contact me.



This sleeve of tattoos tries to capture everything about my personality and life that makes me want to live. It is a lasting memory of who I am and what brings me joy. On each card I will try to highlight some of the key reference points so you can see all the thought that went into each one.



I wanted the style of design to be one that represents the dichotomy of my personality. I chose the rigid order of being a professional to be represented by the regular hexagon pattern. I chose for the more 'punk' and 'alternative' nature to be represented by the paint marks and distressed effects.


It's All Downhill From Here

This was my first tattoo. I got it for charity and to help me overcome my fear of needles. Admittedly, I almost fainted half way through. This is about my life as a 'gamer'. It is the alias I have used online since CS 1.5 launched and is pronounced mist. It was me use l33t speak at the time.

For the Horde

That's no Moon...

This is a faded Horde logo from World of Warcraft. The logo is made from the Hawking Radiation from a black hole and the internal of the hole is modelled on the Death Star from Star Wars. There are seven lines which represent the symmetry between my straight edge and my ex-wife's softer nature. These also represent me overcoming my anger problems to be a better person.


Perfection Imperfect

Sky was the perfect cat to me. She was set within a Fibonacci Spiral which is a visual way to represent the Golden Ratio. The Phi underneath is the symbol for Phyrexia from Magic: the Gathering, but is also the mathematical constant for the Golden Ratio. I chose this twisted version of Perfection to remind me that perfection is not possible.



Roxy was an absolute queen of a cat. She was often scared and anxious, maybe even depressed. Possibly she was more a reflection of me than I realised at the time. She was Sky's sister and as they came as a pair, so did these tattoos. You will also see a D20 from my time playing Dungeons & Dragons and within it the Triforce from Zelda games..



The overal shape of this is of the Neversoft logo from the THPS games. The heavy black weight on a chain represents the Dead Weight guild. The central is is from the Pokemon card game. The two swords are the Power of Love and the Power of Understanding from Scott Pilgrim; the things I needed to overcome the black hole of depression.



I used to do archery. I was pretty good at it. I wanted something to act as a close to the images so chose the straight line of and Arrow. This includes the Sine Wave, which was my ex-wife's softer side to my straight lines. It also includes the Penrose Triangle. Even the impossible can seem possible.



I wanted a Semi-Colon on my arm to show how I overcame suicide. I decided to merge it with an interrobang as I like using it in written text. The heart at the bottom is the one found on Scott Pilgrim's T-shirt. The exclamation point of the interrobang and the top circle of the semi-colon is actually the Final Fantasy VII logo.

Chrono Trigonometry

Trig vs. Trig

This is the logo from the Chrono Trigger game. However, I chose to extend it into a circle and add real and imaginary axes. I then plotted the Euler's Identity as an equation on the axes. This was one of the parts of mathematics I loved back at school. Getting your elbow tattooed hurts!


My Own Worst Enemy

This little molecule is to blame for all the problems in my life. It was what took me to my lowest lows, but also what helped pull me out of them. I wanted a constant reminder to never forget to take my medication, but also never forget what I've lived with for most of my life. Depression is part of me.


Gap Filling

I wanted stuff at the top of the sleeve to cap it. This is the Zebrahead logo, a scene from the game Super Hexagon and also a Heart from Zelda. I was always told I wear my heart on my sleeve. Now I always will. Above is a fading out hexagon pattern.


View From Heaven

This depicts the guardian angel of the Salkeld family watching over us five as Chess Pieces below; Pulling the Strings. The halo includes Sacred Geometry and also the Blink-182 Arrows from their logo. The angel wears a blindfold to represent the Demon Hunter I was playing in WoW at the time, but also so represent the blind nature of luck in life.


More Than Meets the Eye

This is hugely complex. There is a Leeds Skyline at the bottom and a York Skyline at the top. There is fairly obvious Decepticon logo and also a Pokeball. The Pokeball is actually shaped in the waveform of The Future Freaks me Out by Motion City Soundtrack. The triangle and lines outside show Euler's Line.


Location, Location, Location

Mostly designed around the location icon found on Google Maps and similar; this represents my current life as a Director and Investor at Snapsales. I added the whirlwind over the top to represent how much my life has changed over the past two years. The pattern underneath is just some cool triangles.


Pika! Pika!

Finally, my littlest of little cats. I adopted Pika when she was 10 weeks old. As of writing this she's 10 months old. Hopefully I'll still have her at 10 years old!! This shows two cats. The little kitten growing into the big black cat. This shows my life with Pika. The Japanese Hiragana says Pi-Ka. It says it twice to match the Pokemon cartoon.

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