World Mental Health Day


I would like to apologise for not writing anything in a while. Whilst that shouldn’t need an apology as I write these expecting nothing back, it appears that some people have actually started following them a little bit and like reading what I write. I have been moving house and everything over the last two weeks has been a lot to handle by myself, so I needed to focus on me.

Regardless, I’m back.

After posting Breaking the Stigma and completing my 24 hour charity stream over on Twitch I was approached to talk about my experiences with mental health. I was taken aback that people might actually want to hear my story and that there might be some people who benefit from it.

Now I’m going to give you a sneak peak into my upcoming 30 minute talk (information to follow in this article) as I think it’s important for everyone to understand how I am feeling about this and what to expect from my talk:


This is taken from Slide 2 of my presentation, because I believe it is incredibly important that people understand what depression and mental health can mean.

I do not feel I deserve to be put up on a podium for being some person who happens to be willing to talk about his problems. I don’t even think in the universal scale of things that my problems ever matter.

I feel like a fake and a failure.

What I did realise though, and why I have agreed to give this talk and to speak openly in front of an audience, is that people didn’t realise I have depression. People don’t understand that;

Depression isn’t about weeping in a corner or collapsing on the nearest object and crying like a Disney princess. It isn’t about staying in bed all day and fearing the outside world.

Depression is just a part of those people who have it. People with depression just happen to carry with them this other part of themselves people don’t see. I personally see depression as;

a heavy numb emptiness in my very being.

Now that I understand it though, I don’t worry when I do notice it is there again.

That is why I want to give this talk and to hopefully push a recording of it out onto the internet somewhere. I want other people, those with or without depression, those who are or are not seeking better mental health, to realise that mental health can impact anyone; from the most successful to the most humble.

World Mental Health Day

So I will be talking at Chakra Corporate’s ‘Finding your Way to Wellbeing’ event as part of their ‘Mental Strength for the Nation’ tour.


If you are interested in coming along and hearing me speak for 30 minutes on my experiences with mental health, my battle with depression and ultimately how I faced the ultimate decision in my life, then please do feel to sign up on the website.

I will be making as much of this talk available to everyone as I can.

As always

You can continue to find me on TwitchFacebookTwitterInstagram and Discord.

I am going to continue live streaming when I have the spare time to enable me to do so. I am going to continue trying to break the stigma attached to mental health.

You can continue to follow my journey by visiting the website or store. You can continue to follow on Twitch. Come and join the conversation. You can support by donating to Just Giving or simply Texting XMIZ70 to 70070 on your mobile phone.

Whatever you choose to do, may you find your way to wellbeing.


Andrew Salkeld

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