Preparations and testing…

I have started refreshing all my social media and channels in an attempt to bring followers together all under one roof.

To help with this I’ve included all the links at the bottom of this page as a reference.

I’ve also tried to setup some auto posting features which may or may not work…

Hopefully, when I go live on Twitch there will be a post sent to Facebook and to Twitter as well as the standard post that goes to Discord. Also, when I post to the blog here at it should also post to Facebook and Twitter which will allow followers to keep up to date with how my various projects are going!

I’ve also set up an even easier way to donate to my JustGiving page. You can now do it via text!!

Simply text XMIZ70 £1 to 70070

Similarly I have integrated my stream with JustGiving and a number of other tools which should make finding information and interacting with the stream a lot easier.

I’ve never been one to religiously follow and post to any form of social media, so please bear with me as I learn this new skill.

I look forward to this journey!




Social media links for reference:

Store miz7store
Facebook miz7gaming
Twitter miz7gaming
Instagram miz7gaming
Discord miz7
Twitch miz7
JustGiving miz7gaming